Natural Action Water Commercial Device

Please note these are the Natural Action Commercial devices that have been in existence for the last 8 years and there are only 5 left in the world that we are aware of.


The commercial unit is designed to structure large volumes of  water or other fluids that use a 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ pipe.

  • One time purchase replaces a lifetime of costly and wasteful water filters. This commercial unit is maintenance free and does not have filters to replace.
  • RESTAURANTS: Make your water invigorating and refreshing for your customers. Reduce mineral build up and help maintain the life of water appliances. Minimize deposits and spots on dishware and glassware.
  • COFFEE SHOPS: Make coffee softer, smoother and more flavorful. Your customers will notice the difference! You can do a trial on your own with our portable unit. Purchase a portable unit with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, taste and feel the difference, and then order your commercial unit.
  • SPAS: Experience a new level of softness in tap water, making bathing and showering more relaxing while moisturizing your guests’ skin and conditioning their hair. Structured water also has been reported to have an effect on tight muscles.
  • MEDICAL AND ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES: Benefit patients with the hydrating effects of structured water.
  • OFFICES: Make your employees better hydrated and thus more productive. Studies have proven that dehydration of just 2% of body mass can lead to impaired cognitive function.
  • FARMS: Better hydration supports healthier animals and fewer antibiotics.
  • AGRICULTURE: Structured water has been proven to grow more, faster, with less inputs, saving thousands of dollars and increasing quality, yields and earnings.

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Structured Water Devices: Here’s How They Work

Our devices are designed to emulate Nature through motion and materials. Water Vortices have long been known as water’s way of self-cleaning and energizing itself and the environment. Natural Action utilizes a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water.

Dual Helix Vortex

By its unique and innovative design, a special dual or double helix vortex is induced into the water. This basic function is achieved seamlessly through the special flow form and is the reason rivers and streams in nature always alternate between left and right turns.

In addition, we implement rare and proprietary materials within the flow form which through vibrations inherent to all matter, transfer properties into the water without physically adding anything to the water. This form of treatment alters the organizational levels of the water’s molecules to a higher degree. Power is not needed for our devices and there are no filters or moving parts to replace.

Energies and properties are altered in the water to improve and restore natural functions. By including the basic principles which are contained in a natural mountain stream, we bring to you energetically and molecularly organized water. Once an esoteric and elusive mystery, Structured Water is now understood and explained on a scientific level and is of great interest to consumers, agriculture, industries, and universities throughout the world. 

Our Technology in the Words of a Customer

Biohacker Anthony Mills in England has owned a portable device for years and eloquently explains the technology. (A biohacker is a would-be biologist who “hacks” around exploring their own biology.)  

“All NAT units faithfully recreate Nature’s most pristine event. This is when water dances in both a left and right spin, each an inward vortex or tornado—but that’s just the beginning.”

“There is nothing straightforward about what really goes on inside the NAT Portable Unit. In the unit, the water has no choice but to vortex countless thousands of times. The spins are so powerful as the water dances with itself in the flow-form that other spins are created in other directions. The result is a total balance of all forces and energies that means the water experiences resonance from ultra-high to ultra-low frequencies and a complete reset to Nature’s fully up-to-date blueprint for the best support of living systems.”

“This all happens because that’s what water does in Nature. The NAT flow-form gives water a mathematically optimised, perfect playground for it to do the same. The water is actually restoring itself, the unit simply gives it no choice!  That is a unique and remarkable feat of design and I know nothing to compare it with.”

About Structured Water

Structured Water is The Type of Water Found In Nature 

Water found in fruits and vegetables, springs, mountain streams, and rain is structured water. It is also the water found in the cells of living things, including us! New physics and wave particle knowledge shows us that when water moves and spins, it re-organizes and re-structures to create an electrical charge.

It’s Water in Motion

Once this change happens, water is better described as structured water. Structured water, describes what water does in motion, over space and time. Structuring water allows electrical charge to begin cascading or hopping from one molecule to another, creating more charge, more energy. This spin and structure turns water molecules into tiny batteries. Though theorized for over 100 years, it was first documented by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab, University of Washington, Seattle.

Structured Water Comparison

5 Key Differences Between Structured and Tap or Bottled Water 

You will find structured water to be fresh tasting and invigorating.

The structured phase of water:

  1. hydrates with less liquid, perhaps up to 1 to 2/3rds less. So 8 glasses a day is not the way with all its frequent trips to the restroom;
  2. matches water found inside cell membranes of all living things …that’s us, microbiome, mitochondria, plants, animals, microbes in soils and seas;
  3. conducts electricity more profoundly, for example, it’s used to create sonograms and cardiograms;
  4. is augmented by light (sunshine and Infrared) and sound waves (frequencies and vibrations). Frequency and vibration can be understood as simple movement, exercise, dance, or any form of percussion;
  5. can be found in water rich foods such as fruits, veggies, plant leaves, roots and seeds. The book Quench, co-authored by Dr Dana Cohen, MD and the Hydration Foundation’s founder Gina Bria, provides a simple, easy to implement program to achieve real hydration including over 50 recipes with structured water rich foods.

Source: The Hydration Foundation

Structured Water Devices Comparison – Which Product is Right for Me

You may have noticed we carry devices from multiple manufacturers. Choosing the right product that fits your needs and your lifestyle is crucially important. Several factors can affect your decision, such as:

  • Do you rent or own?
  • Do you live by yourself or with your family?
  • How much money do you want to spend? (don’t forget we have interest free payment plans!)

To help you determine the right product for you, we invite you to read a comparison of our different products.

What People are Saying

Chad Wall is our agricultural specialist.  He is a farmer who practices and is passionate about Regenerative Agriculture. He grew up on a farm and has over 40 years experience in agriculture. Chad would be the first one to tell you it’s not so much experience but 40 years of wisdom and he knows what doesn’t work.

“You have to address the few big things that are not right. You have to pay attention to your water and the soil ecosystem,” said Chad.

Chad’s unique approach to regenerative agriculture focuses on water use and the soil’s ecosystem. Customized product lines have been developed and are utilized to provide health from the ground up.  A healthy system is always more satisfying, more efficient and more profitable.

Chad’s solutions pay for themselves, and quickly. He recently helped his neighbor reconcile his water usage. He did this by determining efficient irrigation intervals through the use of moisture probes and by using structured water pivot devices. The water used on his neighbors farm is from the aquifer and the devices return this water back to the type of water found in nature. Everyone knows that irrigation water keeps crops alive, but rain water from nature is what really hydrates plants and results in strength and growth.

Structured water has an electric charge, like water flowing down a mountain stream. Structured water has energy and thus becomes more bioavailable to plants and soil microbes. Plants can use less water and be better hydrated.

Between using the moisture probes and the structured water pivot devices, Chad’s neighbor used ⅓ less water, translating into an immediate saving of $1,000 per month in electrical costs to run the pivot during drier months. His neighbor has 20 pivots!

Specs and Care

Commercial Unit Specifications:

The Commercial Device fits on pipes up to 2 inches. (The Whole House Device is for pipes up to 1 inch)

Length: Varies depending on connector type. Approx. 23″

Weight: Varies depending on connector type. Approx. 5 lb, 1 oz. to 7 lb, 9 oz.

For Pipe Sizes: 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 2″.

All Commercial Units come Standard with a 2″ NPT Connector Set unless specified.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the device work?

Our devices are designed to emulate Nature through motion and materials. Natural Action devices utilize a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water. In addition, we implement rare and proprietary materials within the flow form which through vibrations inherent to all matter, transfer properties into the water without physically adding anything to the water. This form of treatment alters the organizational levels of the water’s molecules to a higher degree. Power is not needed for our devices and there are no filters or moving parts to replace.

What is the device made of? What’s inside the devices?

THE FLOW FORM: high density polyethylene ~ Food Grade HDPE, Rated NSF-61

Food Grade High Density Polyethylene is made of one of the most stable and inert forms of plastic known as Food Grade – HDPE and all plastic containers sold specifically for food or water storage will be made from this material.

DYNAMICALLY ENHANCED Flow Form: HDPE ~ Food Grade Plastic

How do I clean it?

Normal inline operation will continuously clean the product. However, one can also clean by soaking the product in a bath of water and apple cider vinegar, hot tap water, or running through the dishwasher.

Do I need to replace my filter?

With this device, there are no moving parts and no filters to replace.

Will this work with my filter I currently use?

Absolutely. Structured water devices are perfect companions to any filters you may be already using.

Where is the product made?

In the USA

How does structured water compare to alkaline water? 

Alkaline water has a pH of 9.5 or higher. The thinking behind drinking alkaline water is that pollution, a poor diet, and.or a stressful lifestyle can cause acidity in the body. So, incorporating alkaline water may help to offset the impact of daily life. For many, it does have short term benefit. However, drinking it for a longer period has risks.

Too much alkalinity can lead to alkalosis, which occurs when a body is too alkaline and the free calcium in blood starts to bind with protein. The National Institutes of Health reports light-headedness as a common symptom of alkalosis, as well as confusion. Other symptoms may include muscular weakness, myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, and tremors.

Structured water on the other hand, is the water we find in nature – in streams, springs, in fruit and vegetables and in our own cells. It is perfectly balanced and is imbued with an electrical charge, it has energy.

Our CEO and Founder Patrick Durkin drank alkaline water exclusively for two years and left alkaline water for structured water.  Read his personal story here.



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