How does structured water differ from alkaline water / ionised water?

This topic is so important we wrote an eBook about it:

How will the Structured Water Devices interact with other water treatment products such as softeners or filters?

Structured Water Devices complement all other water treatment products.

If you prefer, you can uninstall or bypass other filters or softeners to test out Structured Water alone for a month or so.  During this month, you may be amazed as your preferences and habits shift into alignment with immersing yourself in structured water without concern for anything else.

Some people choose to keep softeners or traditional filters in addition to their structured water devices. There is no harm in doing so and these choices are about individual preference. There is no need to have a traditional filter or softener once you have a Structured Water Device.

What if I still want to have some kind of sediment filter on my waterline?

If you want to have one, do. Structured water devices can accompany any other treatment system harmoniously.

How does structured water differ from reverse osmosis or distilled water?

Structured Water is understood with physics and deals with the energy of water. Distilled or reverse osmosis is understood with chemistry and deals with removing things from water.

Please note the video is directed to reverse osmosis and the same concepts apply to distilled water.

Is scalar energy similar to structured water?

Scalar energy accesses the zero point field. Everything that does that expands awareness about Oneness and the Infinite so this is likely to be beneficial.  Scalar energy accesses energy in the vacuum of space which is Infinite. This Infinite vacuum is the same energy that is accessed when we immerse ourselves in Sacred Structured Water. When we structure water using Sacred Geometry we open the door to accessing the energy that connects all that is.

There are no limits to what is possible when we access Infinite energy. The benefits may be felt in the body and surely they will extend much further into the realms of our most expanded selves.

How does your Structured Water compare with Grander Water?

There are many ways to structure water including sunlight, prayer, focused attention, crystals, Sacred Geometry, vortex, prill beads, and many more. The Grander System functions on the principle of entrainment. A small amount of Structured Water is encapsulated in their device. Water that passes by it is entrained. We have never experienced Grander Water personally and we have experienced those who have Grander Systems purchasing  Nolte Devices from us as they were never completely satisfied with the Grander System. The Nolte Devices pass Water through Sacred Geometry and a double vortex which reinvigorates the resonance of Creation. With an enthusiastic response to Nolte Devices, the marketplace has demonstrated its preference.

What are your thoughts on Double Helix water?

Patrick has personally experienced Double Helix water and participated in their thermal  imaging which showed that Patrick became less hydrated by using their product.

Double Helix Water Results

Sacred structured water is returned to being the messenger of the Divine by spinning the center of the water molecule. This spin is infinitely fast, contains infinite density and is essentially immeasurable.

This infinite force that is activated by restructuring water is at the heart of why so many people love the structured water devices we sell. This force can’t be replicated by something that comes in a plastic bottle or has a need for the customer to buy it over and over again.

Save your money, drink sacred structured water and connect with the Infinite.

What do you think about the Adya Clarity Webinar?

First, notice how you feel when you think about and interact with a product/company. While it may be confusing to wrap your mind around different products, it is fairly easy to feel whether your emotions are harmonious or fearful when interacting with the product and considering it. If you are feeling like a product is “really great and you have to get it right now or the deal will be gone or your life won’t be as good” then the limbic part of your brain has been stimulated by fear.

Adya Clarity has some very good marketers promoting their product and there are some techniques they use that are worth discerning. Let’s start with the webinar format… It gives the impression of a time sensitive offer and a big audience watching. It is actually an automated technology tool that is running for you at the time you watch it. There may be others on at the same time, but that is coincidental. If you look carefully at the Adya Clarity webinar promoted in 2014, you can see that it is actually designed to keep running until 2016.

And now to the water…

Dr. Pollack does indeed teach about the fourth phase of water. We have read his book several times – taking in a few pages at a time repeatedly for months. The conclusions in the Adya Clarity webinar are different than what we understand.

There are many ways to structure water. This is certain. The question we ask is: Is there a best one for you?

Adya Clarity may be a good answer. You can’t know for sure unless you spend the money to find out. The webinar has a beautiful visual demonstration of solids dropping to the bottom of a glass of water and lakes clearing. Clearly something is happening  and it is reasonable to assume Adya Clarity structures water. The black mica story is a good one. And, there is something about it that keeps us away.

We about the world from the perspective of life providing everything we need right here and now. It doesn’t make sense that the earth was created to have the one thing we need to treat our water concentrated in only a few special locations and that the rest of us have to have that substance shipped to us every few months for the rest of our lives. That type of thinking is grounded in scarcity and profiteering which is incongruent with knowing Water as a Living Being and trusting that All is Well.

As a business, we love the idea of having a product to sell that keeps customers coming back over and over again. However, our business is located on Earth and as environmentalists Adya Clarity just doesn’t make sense.

Everything in life is energy and we are certain that our structuring devices provide a harmonious energy. There are other ways to create harmonious energy and we will continue to learn about them with an open mind. If we find a better one, you can count on us to tell you about it.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is remember that all of the answers to all of your questions are within. If you are interested in different products, you have an opportunity to hone your sensitivity to harmonious energy.

Do you have any comment about Dr. Pollock’s work?

Did you know there are four phases of water, not three? That means in addition to ice, liquid and steam there is a phase of water called Exclusion Zone (EZ) water and the most interesting property of EZ water is that we can add energy to it and that energy is stored like in a battery. This is important because more energy in water means more energy in you. You can learn more about this by watching a video featuring Dr. Gerald Pollock, the head of the Bioengineering Department at the University of Washington.

Dr. Pollock has also demonstrated that water is not just H2O. It comes in many different configurations and there is more to the story than hydrogen and oxygen. A key to real understanding is that the bonds behind hydrogen and oxygen are changing constantly. This is important because it shows that water is alive and conscious and always changing. Tap, bottled and filtered water diminish the lively properties of water while structuring it restores nature’s vitality.

Many who promote structured water refer to Dr. Pollock as scientific proof. It is important to note that Dr. Pollock’s experiments are conducted by structuring water with infrared light which is not a part of any commercially available drinking water system that we are aware of. His conclusions are helpful for proving the existence of structured water and may have less to do with the Water we immerse ourselves in as we drink, bathe, share, and grow.