Original Units and Shower Head Discontinued

Effective June 1, 2018
All Original Units and the DE Shower Head Are Discontinued
This serves as notice that after this date, Natural Action Technologies (NAT) will only have a limited inventory of these Units, which will be sold as supply is available and used to fulfill warranty exchanges.
One less product line is an opportunity to show our adaptability in an ever-changing market (a benefit in the eyes of customers) and the reallocation of resources to other, more viable products.
Offering only the Dynamically Enhanced Units will simplify your sales and having all Units with a lifetime (20 Year) warranty will also be a plus.
Our Shower Head  may have been a good choice in the beginning stages,  but as our company grows it has become out of date and not a good fit for the brand’s current image.
(It was our only Unit with a 1 year warranty)
We have to let them go because they do not benefit our company and are taking resources away from the superior DE Line and Mini Shower Units.

Natural Action authorized dealers who still have original devices can sell them, however Natural Action technologies is no longer supplying original devices.

June 1st is the deadline to have all Original Units and Shower Head Units removed from your websites.