How To Use Your Portable Unit

Option #1 - Portable UnitThe Portable Unit is a wonderful unit for increasing the energy, improving
flavor and taste, and neutralizing the toxins of any liquid or beverage.

Simply pour the liquid through the funnel end of the unit into a glass or
container. Passing a liquid through the unit additional times
(up to 6 times) increases the levels of energy to optimal levels.
Flavor and taste improvements often occur with “multiple pass”
through the structuring unit.


How To Clean your Natural Action Portable Device

Como Mantener su Aparato Portátil de Natural Action

Below you can see a tiny mark that occurs naturally as a designed outcome in the manufacturing of the cobalt blue portable devices. It’s not a tear. All of the blue portables have this signature mark on them. It is similar to a rug woven by a Native American that has an intentional “flaw”. It has no effect on the structuring of water. Enjoy your structured water!