7227071_sWe have a local custom here in Hawai`i. Everyone leaves their footwear at the door before they come in the house. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been doing. Even a farmer coming in from muddy fields wearing lace-up boots takes them off. Every house has shoes lined up by the door, and when there’s a party or a meeting, dozens of pairs stand patiently outside, waiting for their owners.

I’m sure the custom comes from those of us with Asian cultural backgrounds, where shoes are never worn into the homes. Keeps the floors clean, you see. Everyone else with other cultural backgrounds — even the Native Hawaiians — have embraced the practice. One of our cultural icons is the ubiquitous “flip flops” — super-casual, easy to slip on and off, perfect for our informal lifestyle.

Why am I talking about this in the Water Magic course? I know, it doesn’t seem to have any relevance 🙂

Water is clean and pure and makes us feel that way. When we really tune in to what pure Structured Water is and how we feel when we drink it, it becomes clear how drinking other beverages brings questionable ingredients into our bodies – unlike Structured Water, which delivers nutrients and health and cleans out debris.

Our bodies, sacred vehicles that carry us through our lives, are much more important than our homes. Would we intentionally drag mud through our homes, or put sand or syrup into our gas tanks?

Many of the things we have become so attached to are just like this mud or sand and they have been manufactured for the purpose of profit by compromising our bodies, minds, lifestyles and spirits, often to the point of sickness and death.

We Are Water; Water Is Us. We are ultra-special and deserve the best. Structured Water is the one beverage that truly cleans and hydrates. It does not compromise us in any way — not our bodies, not our minds, not our lifestyles, not our spirits.

Break free of the imprisoning compromise of water and beverages manufactured for profit without regard to our total health. Feel the liberation, as fresh and pure as Structured Water itself!

Feel the freedom as you choose water intentionally.