Mandatory Pricing Policy

Consistent and stable pricing creates a fair environment where all distributors are able to earn income based on their efforts rather than by having the lowest price. It is in everyone’s best interest that we maintain margins for our products.
All sales of Natural Action Technologies® Structured Water Units MUST be at the MAP price or higher. MAP pricing is specifically defined for every product on the “Minimum Advertised Pricing” spreadsheet.
Any distributor publishing a single webpage or even a receipt that shows an advertised or transacted price lower than the MAP price will have their distributorship immediately terminated. This applies to any and ALL pages on the internetregardless of whether they are visible to the public through a search engine or not.
If you sell our units at lower prices, we will find out about it because at some point another distributor will end up telling us. So, please comply with this policy as we want to have you on our team long term.
It is our pleasure and privilege to work with each of you and we look forward to maintaining an environment where everyone thrives. Everyone benefits from the MAP pricing policy. Please comply with it immediately as there will be zero tolerance for sales below MAP pricing. The integrity of our playing field is more important than any relationship with one distributor and we will immediately and permanently terminate all orders from any distributor violating this policy.
If you’d like to offer units in combination with any other product or service, prior written approval is required.

To see MAP pricing visit, Natural Action MAP Pricing Chart.

Policies expressed are those of Natural Action Technologies. Bulletin reprinted by The Wellness Enterprise, Inc.