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Common sense will tell you that we should each be coming to our own conclusions based off research and science.  This can and should be a combination of scientific reports as well as your own personal experience in addition to the experiences of others. So here they are,  the scientific reports for your viewing pleasure.Structured water has value for each and every person who chooses to drink it. This is backed up by a variety of sciences from around the world all with independent studies and research.That is why we’re thrilled to show you why, and how drinking more water, and drinking more structured water will change your life for the better.

Remember, the best scientific instrument is your own body.  So do your own research like our raving fans have and see for yourself the powerful impact this water will have on you.


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The Wellness Enterprise – Scientific Reports.

German Scientific-Structured-Water-Test-Results-2012

Observational Study #1 Kidney Dehydration

Observational Study #2 Sports Drink Analysis

H4H Report – Hydration Biomarkers and Dietary Fluid Consumption of Women

Click Here for the Bio Chem Lab Report

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