Installing a Structured Water Device

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Many of us have quite a few questions when it comes to installations. We know because we had the same questions. We accompanied local plumbers as they installed devices and found out the process was much easier than we anticipated.

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES please note there are specific instructions for you regarding installing Whole House and Commercial Devices. If you have purchased one of these devices for installation outside of the U.S. please start here.

How do you install a Shower Device?

Shower pipes are ½ inch(15 millimeter). You can install the Super Shower Device worldwide on your existing fittings with ease.

Simply unscrew your existing showerhead. You may be able to do this by hand although in most cases a wrench is necessary. Then, twist the device onto your pipe and you are finished.

If you wish, you may add your showerhead back to the end of your device. Many people enjoy showering without a showerhead on their device. You can always try it without  and add your showerhead back if you prefer.

Two tips for the shower installation:

The fittings come wrapped in Teflon Tape. If the seal isn’t acceptable at first, you can add more Teflon Tape.

For those who require raising their showerhead, a Riser (see photo) is available for $35 by contacting us.



For further information read the Super Shower Instructions. This what a Shower Device looks like installed without a showerhead.



If you are looking for the Mini Shower seen elsewhere, we do offer it by special order. We don’t publish the Mini Shower because the Super Shower seen on our website has twice as much power for a small increase in price. Also, the Super Shower and the Mini Shower are equally easy to install so there is no advantage to the Mini for travel.

How do you install an Under Sink Device?

Installation is most often completed without a plumber. Each device comes with two connector hoses that are usually adaptable to existing connections. Here is an example of one of the hoses:

Under-Sink-HoseFor orders shipped in the United States, one hose has 1/2 inch fittings on each end and one hose has a 1/2 inch on one end and 3/8 on the other. If your sink was manufactured very recently it may have only one connector. In that case, you can take the device and a picture of the attachments under your sink to a hardware store. We did this once and ended up resolving it for $5 with this:


Most people  install  Under Sink Devices themselves. The photo with the blue background shows plumbing under a sink. The photo after that shows an installed Under Sink Device.



Under Sink Installed


Notice in the first photo with the blue background that there is an oval valve with a silver hose attached to it. The first step is to turn off the water by turning the oval valve. Then, remove the existing silver hose by loosening it with a wrench. Note, one end of the silver hose is visible and the other is not. The only part of installation that can be difficult is when the part of the hose that isn’t visible is hard to reach with a wrench. It can always be done and we want you to be aware of the only part of this that can be a bit difficult.

Once the existing hose is detached, connect the device to the silver hoses in the box and install them in place of the hose that you removed.

Typically, the cold water line is chosen although the device will function on hot or cold.

Different hoses are sent to various parts of the world. If the hoses that were sent you don’t fit with your plumbing, we apologise. The solution is to take pictures like those shown above along with the device and hoses to a local hardware store. They will supply any adaptors that are necessary. An example of one that we purchased for $6 is shown below.



For further information read the Under Sink Instructions.

How do you install a Garden Device?

The Garden Device may be easily threaded onto a standard garden faucet or hose. Simple thread the female end onto the faucet and the hose onto the male end. Garden spigots are standard around the world.

The Garden Devices shown on our site are the “small garden”. If you would like a “large garden” contact us.



For further information read the Garden Device Instructions.

Do I need a plumber to install the Whole House device?

We recommend a licensed plumber install your Whole House Device. Most Whole House installations take a plumber about 15 minutes and cost between $50 and $150.

How much space is needed to install a Whole House Device?

Plumbers know how to install something as simple as our devices without any hassle.

In most cases, 19 inches (1/2 meter) of pipe will be removed and the device inserted in its place. If that amount of pipe is not available in a straight line, the plumber will access your available space with elbows and other fittings. It is quite simple and your plumber will handle it easily.

Are there videos to help me understand the installation process for a Whole House Device?

I am concerned about excessive water pressure breaking my structuring device, how much pressure can they handle?

The manufacturer is comfortable with 300 psi and thinks 500 psi is reasonable even though it hasn’t been tested.

Do I have to drain my hot water tank before installing the Whole House Device?

The manufacturer recommends flushing the hot water heater prior to installation. In practice, many plumbers prefer to avoid this step. The reason is that many hot water heaters are older and the valves are stuck. If the seal is broken, it sometimes causes unwanted problems. So, be aware of this before flushing.

If you choose to flush – which is a good idea – you can expect to remove a few buckets of water and that should be enough.”Draining” the hot water tank doesn’t mean emptying the whole thing. Observe the water as you drain it and if it appears to be full of sediment, keep going. When it is clear, it is time to stop. 

You may want to repeat the process a few times in the days and week or two after installing your device.

We recommend leaving the issue to your plumber’s discretion.

How long does it take to install a Whole House Device?

In general, plumbers are unfamiliar with our devices and it doesn’t matter because they are very familiar with the fittings. The Whole House and Commercial Devices are installed in 15 minutes in 90% of cases. We recommend choosing a licensed plumber for your installation.

Can I take my Whole House Device with me if I move?

Yes. It is easy to remove your Whole House Device and take it with you. You can replace it with a “blank”. For more information, contact us.

Is it best to install the device above or below the earth? Is the device safe in the hot sun?

The devices are designed to outlast their 10 year warranty. The more they interact with the elements, the more they will degrade. Inside the home is ideal. However, if the best place to access your main water pipe is outside then install it there. For underground installations, wrap the device so it doesn’t touch dirt directly. For above ground, build a cover to keep the device in the shade.

Are there any problems with underground Installation?

Structured Device Installed in Protective Cover

Over the years, the brass fittings may begin to corrode. It is best to wrap them in tape or plastic to slow that process down. They will still last and their condition will be better if they are wrapped. This photo shows a  black case that one customer created for their device with $40 in parts from Home Depot.

Do you recommend installing a Whole House Device on the hot water line, the cold water line or does it have to go on where all of the water flows through it?

The most important consideration when installing your Whole House Device is accessibility. The ideal scenario is to install it where all of your water flows through one pipe. If the only places that occur on your property is underground, then it is advisable to consider an accommodation such as installing it on the hot or cold water line.

The cold water line is preferred as even when the hot is turned on, the cold is usually on too. So, with a cold water line installation you will be drawing Structured Water directly most of the time.

If it is the only option for one reason or another, you can install your device on the hot water line. The water going through your cold water line will be structured through entrainment.

Choosing a Whole House Device is the important part. Once you make that choice, every water line will do.

Will my Whole House Device have a problem with freezing?

When it comes to freezing, the Whole House and Commercial Devices are similar to the rest of your pipe. If your pipes don’t freeze, your device is likely to not freeze. If your pipes do freeze, it is advisable to install your device in a different location.

What product information is available for Commercial Devices?

The principles shown for installing a Whole House Device are the same as for a Commercial Device. If you would like to watch a video about Commercial Devices specifically, click here.

What about for well installations?

Installing a Structured Water Device on a well is one of the most beneficial things you can do to support Living Water. More information to be included here soon.

How do the Drip Kits for wells work?

A Drip Line Kit lets a small amount of Structured Water pass through the pipe casing and back into your well or aquifer. This has a field effect on the surrounding area which can positively impact various sediments and odors coming up from the well. Below is a picture of a Drip Line Kit.
















Can a Whole House Device provide Water to a pool?

Yes. You may pour unlimited amounts of Structured Water through your Whole House Device. If you use a hose attached to your house for filling or adding water to your pool, then it will structure the pool water.

Another solution for a pool is to put a Whole House Device or a Commercial Device on the circulating water line of the pool. This will cause all of the water to be structured as it passes through the filter.

Can I structure a whole swimming pool with just a few drops of Structured Water?

Yes. If this sounds a bit unbelievable to you, you’re not alone. Watch the videos about entrainment and you’ll open the door to understanding everything as energy.

We’ve recently found a new way to demonstrate this. To see for yourself, add one drop of an essential oil to a glass of Water. Watch it spread throughout the glass, taste it and you’ll know for yourself.

How will Structured Water impact the water in my swimming pool?

With Structured Water in your pool you are likely to feel energised and refreshed while using less chemicals. Depending on how much your pool circulates and where your device is (the best location is on the filter system) you may be able to go for days or even months without having to add any chemicals at all. Here is the story of one pool owner with some facts and figures.


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