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Free International Shipping on Structured Water Devices

Structured Water Shoppers Outside the U.S. Must Read Before you Buy

Structured Water Units from Natural Action Technologies are spreading around the globe as people experience the hydrating and energy boosting benefits of structured water and they are choosing the Structured Water Superstore for their purchases because of free shipping, customs, taxes and duties paid.

Structured water is also known as gel water, liquid crystalline water, ordered water, 4th phase, EZ water or H3O2. Though theorized for over 100 years, it was first documented by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab, University of Washington, Seattle.

Structuring water allows electrical charge to begin cascading or hopping from one molecule to another, creating more charge, more energy. This spin and structure turns water molecules into tiny batteries, raising our hydrating energy to new potentials. We always knew water conducts electricity, we just didn’t know how much more we could help it conduct.


The Wellness Enterprise appreciates our international customers. Having shipped structured water units to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and dozens more countries we’ve made it a priority to make receiving a structured water device easy with free shipping and duty paid!

Natural Action Technologies devices can now be easily and affordably purchased by consumers everywhere in the world. Simply place your order through the Duty Paid International section of Structured Water Superstore:

All orders are shipped with Free Shipping as well as Customs, Taxes and Duty Paid!


free shipping structured water devices

Free international shipping on structured water device

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Efficient order handling systems allow us to deliver your international orders to you without any shipping, duty or tax cost. Once you place your order you’ll notice your tracking number will follow your package from its originating location to our Structured Water International Export Warehouse where it will be quickly dispatched to your country whether you live right over the border in Canada or Mexico, on the other side of the globe in Singapore, Malaysia, China or Taiwan or down under with our friends in Australia and New Zealand.

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the Structured Water Superstore because we have all the latest information about structured water including key insights from the Hydration Foundation. With such great information, the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping duty paid, the choice for purchasing structured water devices is easy.

Structured Water, also known as H3O2 is 10% denser and has more oxygen than regular H2O.  Perhaps the most surprising difference is that while H2O has no charge, structured water has an electrical  charge. This is how water forms a battery and begins producing and storing energy inside us.  This is the very energy needed to move, think, heal, and repair. H3O2 is our fuel for healing. We need it for our hydration, energy, and vitality. H3O2 is nature’s water. To read more about structured water visit you can read more here:

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Are you in Australia, Canada, the UK or another place around the world and want to know more about structured water? How would you like to learn about it from top medical doctors like Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Christiane Northrup?  You can sign up for the Hydrate Now Course to learn more on what they have to say about hydration and structured water.


Free shipping on structured water devices


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