Do you Love Your Water Bottle?


I swear my water tastes better when I drink it out of a water bottle I love! Their style is really not as important as my relishing every swig and easily carrying my water with me wherever I go. There’s such a wide variety out there, it’s easy to find at least one style that is a gift to my precious water AND to me for enjoying it so much.

When I drink Water, I am saying that I truly value myself and will take time to demonstrate it many times throughout the day. As I am Water, Water is Me, my water container, carefully chosen, is the gift wrapping for the Water I offer my body with deep gratitude. The specialness of the container shows that it carries something precious and with it, the sweet moments of sipping my Water. I carry my treasured water in its lovely bottle everywhere I go.

In fact, let’s make a toast to that! What a great way to be with our water as we sip it: Thank you, Water, for being such a living part of our life. We drink to you as we drink you!


VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles Are A Powerful Tool to Harmonize Your Water

Each bottle harmonizes your water with the transformative healing energies of crystals. With more than a dozen different blends to choose from there’s one for everyone. Choices include the Wellness Bottle with pink rose quartz and purple amethyst. Many say this blend is good for feeling calm, expanding intuition and opening your heart chakra. Theres also Infinity which carries love and compassion with beautiful blue sodalite, ocean chalcedony, aquamarine and clear quartz. To stimulate your body’s natural healing energies consider the green ray carries by emeralds and clear quartz in the Vitality blend.

There are no better vessels for carrying your Structured Water than VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles. Bottles hold 16.9 ounces, fit easily in cup holders, and are fun to hold and enjoyable to drink from.