Would you like to support our mission to replace plastic water bottles with a better alternative?  

Become an Affiliate or Wholesaler!

Affiliates are those who make an introduction and then rely on The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. for all of the customer education, customer service, and order fulfillment processes. The Affiliate’s sole responsibility is the introduction to the potential customer.

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Wholesalers are those who know how to speak to their customers about structured water and complete the order process independently. Training for self motivated people is available. Wholesalers place orders directly with The Wellness Enterprise and receive the products themselves. The Wellness Enterprise does not interact with Wholesaler’s customers.

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Please note the Affiliate and Wholesale Programs are for those who wish to share structured water with others. They are not designed to be personal discount programs. Please make sure credit for your initial purchase goes to the person who told you about structured water as you will want others to do the same when you refer them.