Seeing or hearing an inspiring person leaves us feeling exalted. When we are in a room that is cluttered or dirty, we feel constricted in our own movements, dusty inside. We talk about how being with certain people can bring us “up” or bring us “down.”

When we feel joyous, clear and peaceful, we want to live in a place that reflects that back to us. As we find or create uplifting, uncluttered and calm spaces, our body’s response is to want that level of caring for our physical beings.

Structured water’s transformation spreads throughout our lives, clearing us of all toxins and protecting us from negative influences, delivering nutrients directly into every cell of our bodies and optimizing the quality of everything it delivers. In so doing, it leaves our bodies free to release toxins and heal. We become clearer and have more vibrant energy. Mentally clarity and alertness move in like the morning sun. We become emotionally sweeter, and feel supported, secure and hopeful. Our bodies shift into being uncluttered, clear and strong.

Even as old habits linger, we notice how they feel like the clothes we wore before we lost weight. They no longer match who we are inside. As Structured Water shows us what health and cleanliness feel like, the contents of our pantries also pull us backwards into the health habits we want to climb out of. Our beverage choices are shifting. We notice how certain drinks feel like they clutter our body’s health; they no longer feel alive and vibrant.

It is time to go to your pantry and release that which is no longer serving you. Consider every beverage you drink other than water and ask your body if it is served by drinking it. Make the decision to release the old. Dance like the leaves being carried down a fresh mountain stream as you move them toward the door, into the garbage or better yet, to the local food pantry. Tune in to your inner clarity as you continue to align yourself with loving water one decision at a time.

Our bodies are releasing the toxins, old cells and concepts that water is carrying away, mirroring the clear spaces in our pantries where old unhealthy choices used to be. Let’s dance in the vibrant energy of the reclaimed spaces in our lives!