Chemistry Based Filtration to Complement Water Structuring Devices

Water Structuring Devices typically provide more than adequate water purification and energizing for our customers. There are some cases, however, where due to preferences, customers choose to complement a structuring device with a chemistry based filter. The chemistry based filters listed below are options that have ranked highly in our research as well as in what we hear from customers.

Best filter for removing toxins effectively. Sink and whole house versions.  (Pure Effect Filters)

Good filter for removing toxins. Sink and Whole house versions.  (Aquasana)

Good Filter for removing toxins. Countertop versions. (Berkey)

Option to Softeners for Hard Water
Eden Pure Scalerid for hard water – One time purchase, inexpensive, many customers have recommended it.

Whole House Sediment Filters:
Lowes filter 631984 and Filter replacement
GE CTO Filter at Home Depot

Presediment Filter
DuPont WFHD13001B Universal Heavy Duty Whole House Water Filtration System

This pitcher removes toxins VERY effectively. Even radiation!
Seychelle Radiological pitcher
filter replacements

A second pitcher from Seychelle is also effective for toxins but not radiation:
Seychelle Regular Pitcher

Alkaline Machine (Used in Good Condition)
Enagic Kangen Water SD501

Keep Your Hot Tub Clean
EZ Spa Total Hot Tub Care: Clarifier, Oxidizer, Scale Inhibiter

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