Chemistry Based Filtration to Complement Water Structuring Devices

Water Structuring Devices typically provide more than adequate water purification and energizing for our customers. There are some cases, however, where customers choose to complement a structuring device with a chemistry based filter. The chemistry based filters listed below are options that have ranked highly in our research and as you will see in the details with each one, none are perfect. Whole house systems are based on local issues making it hard to find any that will serve as a global solution. If there is a company near you that you trust that offers whole house systems, we encourage you to check them out too. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t understand structured water as well as you do. Structured water is still a very new industry and there are lots of people yet to hear about it.

Multipure drinking water systems

Multipure has earned a wonderful reputation for under sink and countertop systems that are NSF-Certified and verified to remove more contaminants than any other water filters. Out of all the non-RO filters in the NSF and WQA databases, these filters have passed NSF testing for the most contaminants. Unfortunately, when you move from a sink based system to a whole house system, Multipure doesn’t have the same certifications. It’s very difficult to prove removal of contaminants at the whole house level as the volumes are high as is the speed of the water through the filter media. Based on Multipure’s commitment to quality, we think their whole house is better than others. And, if you subscribe to their philosophy it is probably best to have their whole house filter and a drinking water filter at your kitchen sink.

On a very positive note, they are one of the only companies to offer a whole house system that can address chloramines at a high flow rate of 12 gallons per minute using solid carbon block technology. The Wellness Enterprise is Multipure Independent Builder #443605. Please mention on your order that you were referred by The Wellness Enterprise, Multipure Builder ID #443605.


Aquasana is a good brand of filters and they occur to us as more of a marketing company than a company dedicated to the highest quality water. They always run sales and you can access the best discounts by clicking this link. Beware on their website that they sometimes position claims related to their reverse osmosis products next to other products that don’t meet the same standards. You may end up thinking you are getting impeccable toxin removal when it is really just good.

Our opinion is that when a whole house device is chosen by a consumer the expectation should be that the product does a decent job, especially with chlorine. However, it is unrealistic to think a whole house filter is getting “everything” out of your water even if marketing makes it look that way. If you really want the highest standard for water and have the budget to afford it, we recommend buying a whole house filter like Aquasana and then adding a top drinking water filter at your sink like a Multipure.

Option to Softeners for Hard Water
Eden Pure Scalerid for hard water – One time purchase, inexpensive, many customers have recommended it.


Sometimes you need a cheap filter to remove big stuff from water. Sediment filters are very inexpensive (<$100) and capable to removing sediment larger than 5 microns as well as chlorine. If you purchase one of these, we recommend a see through outer canister as that will let you observe with color when the filter needs to be replaced.

Lowes filter 631984 and Filter replacement

GE CTO Filter at Home Depot

DuPont WFHD13001B Universal Heavy Duty Whole House Water Filtration System

In summary, for whole house water filters, we haven’t experienced a perfect option yet. Aquasana and Multipure are good and they are the ones we favor at this time. At least with both of these companies, they are well established in the market and likely to be there in the future when you need a replacement filter.

If you have any suggestions for whole house filters that you think offer a very high standard, please contact us and let us know. We’d be happy to check them out.