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How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

Back in 2007 I was over-exposed to a wireless router and became allergic, or “electrohypersensitive” to cellular signal technology. Back then, there was very little information about this condition and the connection with exposure to wireless radiation from all sorts of devices – such as cell phones – that are all around us and unavoidable […]

Choosing a Natural Action Water Structured Water Unit

WHICH STRUCTURED WATER UNIT IS BEST FOR ME? The Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit manufactured by Clayton Nolte at Natural Action Technologies is available for Portable, Shower, Sink, Garden, Whole House and Commercial uses. When choosing the best device(s) for you consider your lifestyle, convenience and budget. Portable Device The Natural Action Water Dynamically Enhanced Portable Device […]

Save Money with Structured Water Devices

How much money can people save using Structured Water Devices? The short answer is it depends and in most cases it is thousands of dollars. There is a strategy that many businesses use to drain the money out of your pockets and deposit it into theirs, we call it Drip Torture for Your Wallet. The way […]

Gina Bria

About Gina Bria Gina Bria is on a mission to teach the world how you can become optimally hydrated and what this means for how you look, feel, and live. As an anthropologist she studied the water challenges faced by desert dwellers and that led to the establishment of the The Hydration Foundation.   The Hydration […]