Structured Water Gardening: Your Plants will Thrive

There is beauty observing the effects structured water has in nature.  Much like us, plants have cells and consciousness and are made of minerals and water. However unlike humans plants and animals lack a mind that over thinks circumstances, this very basic fact allows for simple and powerful experiments. Through removing the subjective component (humans over thinking brain) and distilling down to the basic including just minerals and water we’re able to identify the real impact of structured water. Have you ever noticed your lawn or garden after it rains?  Or any other area of grass, plants and flowers? Have you noticed how for some reason they tend to be more vibrant, greener, and more full of life? Why is that, when these plants get watered often enough to grow (with water from man via long straight pipes) they survive… but don’t ever thrive? There is a distinct difference – that between the water from nature and water processed by man.Rain is a natural part of nature’s hydrological cycle and as such it is structured and packed with vital life force energy. In comparison, water that passes through our pipes and hoses has been impacted by man.Where’s the proof?

How about your own plants? Watch them next time it rains and see how they have a little bit of extra reach when they get natural water.

As mentioned above, plants are simple and never “over think” life… they just exist.  And in that existence, nature’s water serves as the best growth resource for them.  Period. And, sometimes their growth is better than others.

When they receive natural water that delivers extra life force energy they grow more.

Take a look at these pictures from our first year with a Structured Water Garden.

Corn from our garden which was fed with structured water ended up producing an abundance of ears of beautiful corn and the stalks grew nearly 4 feet taller than the farm down the street.

Look below to see the fruits of our effort. Our garden grew so effusively we couldn’t keep up with eating it all so we opened a farm stand.

We are nature, yet as humans we tend to over think and create more ways to move away from nature. Like plants, all our bodies really want is something natural.

Cells love nature’s water and that is what structured water is. You don’t need to over think buying a structured water device, you just have to get out of the way and allow your cells to get what they really want.

opening day at the farm stand 5Structured Water Garden Huge Beet

Structured water brings plants back to life!

after                             before

Thanks so much to structured water for bringing my plant back to life. She was a gift from my sister andwe’ve been together for 15 years. About a year ago she got sick with something that was eating her leaves. You can see the photo of what it looked like. I tried everything from home remedies to store bought products and nothing worked. I was so sad because it looked like she was going to die.

Then I bought my structured water device and began watering the plant once a week with structured water. In a couple months she was back! Whatever was bothering her went away and she began to shine. She has only flowered once a year in the time I’ve had her. But since she began drinking structured water six month ago, she has flowered twice! I’m so happy because this plant has meant so much to me. Look at how she shines.  ~ Liliana

Flowers thrive in new ways!

David Kujawa is an orchid enthusiast who lives in southern Florida and has been watering his flowers with structured water for the last year. He’s been amazed at the dramatic difference structured water has made for them and how his structured water device has transformed unbalanced, hard water.

Gary Nehila is a Certified International Arborist who has deep expertise in supporting trees in any ecosystem. In this video he shares why Structured Water is the best solution for our trees and plants. As an arborist, he has witnessed the dramatic effects of structured water on trees and says structured water is the only logical way to transplant them.


The Wellness Enterprise is proud to receive the seal of approval from Organic Life Magazine.  Learn why Hannah Noel, an Organic Farmer and Cancer Survivor, from South Hero, Vermont chooses Structured Water for her family and her farm.  Read the full article in Organic Life Magazine

Organic Strawberry Farm Videos Show Power of Energized Water

For more proof, be sure to watch these wonderful videos from an organic farm in California.

The results of watering their strawberries with structured water is; crops transformed from unmarketable to the cream of the crop simply by watering twice with structured water.

The video also demonstrates entrainment. Entrainment means that when you drink structured water, you become a different energy and are able to help shift yourself and the planet. If it works with plants, it works with you.

Wheat grass in Structured Water has longer and stronger shoots!

I did an experiment at home adding the same amount of wheat and organic soil test structured water and reverse osmosis water’s affect on it.  Water was taken from the municipality water system and treated by Reverse Osmosis or with an enhanced portable structured water device.  Both dishes had the same amount of light and were set apart by 10 meters in my home.

Both samples began to show shoots the following day.  By day 9 the NAT structured water grass could be observed as longer by some shoots. The roots between Natural Action Structured Water and Reverse Osmosis showed a significant difference in growth. Natural Action Structured Water watered seeds developed much longer and stronger roots.  You can see in the photo below how much more intact the root growth is with structured water.  I had heard about the difference structured water made for plants but when I saw this with my own eyes, I believed it!      

Basak Pirtini, Istanbul, Turkey

Day10-Roots-left NAT-right RO

What a difference structured water makes for plants!

I did an experiment with a group of my students in Bogotá, Colombia to measure and determine what difference structured water as compared to tap water would have on plantings.

What you see below is how sprouted lentil seeds looked just 5 and 7 days after planting. 

The sprouts on the right have been watered with structured water and been prayed to and the ones on the left have been watered with tap water.  

If the energy from structured water creates this kind of rapid growth and movement as shown with these shoots, it has to do the same inside our bodies.  My students were left believing 100% in the benefits of structured water.

Giselle Rubio, Bogotá, Colombia

Dying Avocado Tree comes Back to Life with Structured Water!

I lived in Santa Barbara a few years ago, and at the time the area was suffering from drought more each passing year. Where I lived, the garden was watered with a sprinkler system on a timer. The timer stopped working, but the landlord didn’t replace it – this meant that the garden wasn’t watered for about seven months or so. As the garden went through the summer, which in Santa Barbara tends to be hotter towards the end of the summer, the yard looked dryer and dryer. 
In particular, an avocado tree on a hillside looked particularly precarious. It was a medium-sized, well-established tree to start with. Over time, it had lost about 5/6 of its leaves, leaving only a thin canopy of leaves at the very top of the tree. I had started trying to save it by using a hose with either a sprinkler or stake on it. We had well water, which you would think would be more effective than regular city water. The tree survived, but only barely. It would only grow new leaves at that top layer, but the rest of the tree was bare.
At this point, I got a Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Garden Unit, which I attached to the end of the house, right where the water comes out of the hose. I also gave the tree a little more water, but not much because we were under strict rationing limits, and were not even allowed to water plants during the middle of the day. I used the sprinkler since it covered the most root area. I didn’t really know what I was doing, it’s just what seemed to make the most sense. 
Initially the trees leaves seemed to have more resilience in the heat of the day. But after about ten days or so, something interesting started to happen. Little green nubs started popping out of the larger branches, starting just above where they forked off of the main trunk of the tree. These nubs continued to pop out going a few feet up the main branches. The tree was maybe 18’ high or so. Over the next few days, the nubs continued to grow into new branches and leaves, so that after a few weeks, the lower part of the tree and some of the upper part of the tree was covered with new growth. If only the uppermost leaves had grown, the tree would not have lived because the tree was just too vulnerable. 
The Structured Water Garden Unit clearly saved this tree, where water alone, even though it was well water, was not capable of saving it. 

Holland Franklin