If You Don’t Have a Water Filter, You Are the Water Filter

With so many people dealing with tiredness, fatigue and disease it’s time to pay attention to basics and the water we drink.

Like spring water, structured water is energized and revitalized to hydrate your cells and support optimal health. Discover Structured Water.

Purify, Mineralize and Energize your way back to health.

Better than reverse osmosis and traditional carbon or charcoal water filters, Structured Water uses Sacred Geometry and Vortexing to transform ordinary tap water.

Beyond the Filter, Benefits of Structured Water

Interview with Dr. Jay Davidson about the Benefits of Structured Water

  • Softer, Smoother, Better Looking Skin
  • Increased Cellular Nourishment
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Feeling Rejuvenated
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased Vitality
  • Less Pain
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Moods

  • Improved Digestion
  • Efficient Waste Removal
  • Detoxification
  • Proper Body Temperature Regulation
  • Healthy Metabolic Reactions
  • Better Immune Response
  • Less Allergies and Asthma
  • Increased Concentration, Alertness and Short-Term Memory


We are so positive you will see the energetic results we’ve seen so many others experience with Structured Water that we are willing to make the following guarantee…

You have 90 days to try out your Structured Water Device and if you are not totally satisfied, you are covered by a Money-Back 90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

Each unit is also backed by a Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty so you risk nothing in purchasing your devices and experiencing Structured Water for yourself!


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Lifestyle Image

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Our Customers Say It Best


Dear Patrick,

I’d like to share with you about my Structured Water experiences.

My father of 82 years, having had a heavy accident, 4 operations, enjoyed the first Structured Water bath. He reports to be without pain for the first time in a long time.

My brother in law, from cuban origin, reports that Structured Water has helped him to find a healthy appetite again. He is enjoying it very much.

Due to the immersion in Structured Water, my life is changing so quickly. Everything is moving. I was sitting on my boxes, yesterday participating to the Water Magic call. Ready to move to South of France on Friday. I felt scared and very stable at the same time. I am supported through the presence of immersing in Structured Water and sharing it with every person I meet during this adventurous transition. I feel like finally going home after a long time of being in exile in my own home country to a place where I have a precious friend, and being able to practice meditations regularly and combining spiritual life and material life in a healthy and balanced way.

It is a great support and joy to know, that the water waves and activities have come into my life, during such intense times. Both, materially, humanly and energetically.


photo_philodendronSURPRISING GROWTH!

This old plant has been here for years. After giving it Structured Water, it began to climb the wall! Nothing else changed for it in over 7 years.



I don’t like to go into public pools because of the chlorine. And maybe since our pools are open all year, the chlorine level seems extra high. Some friends invited me to do water aerobics with them, and since I take my portable unit with me to visit them (so I can structure some water for them), I took it to the pool. I swept the portable unit around me as I swam around that large municipal pool. I thought I could feel the water become silkier in texture; who knows? When I got out to shower, I noticed that my hair was still soft and there was no chlorine smell on my body, hair or clothes, as there usually would be. My friends said they noticed the same thing with them, which was not their usual experience there. –Okay, so a couple of weeks later, I had to be on that side of the island again and they invited me to the same class. This time, since I hadn’t planned on seeing them, I didn’t have my portable unit with me. Shucks. Oh well. They wanted to take me out to lunch afterwards, and I’m such a sucker for good food  so agreed to jump in the pool. Know what? It seems the pool was still structured! Silky water, no chlorine smells, no chlorine effects.

Another thing: I’ve heard people resist behind skepticism by saying they don’t feel anything, even after drinking a lot of structured water. A couple of my friends do the same thing. I ask them if they always feel anything when they take a new supplement, change their diet in any significant way, or get an energy treatment, etc. Most people don’t, but often continue their interventions because they feel it’s helping even when they can’t feel it. I don’t usually feel anything from most changes or modalities, and know it’s because I’m already very healthy–like having a house cleaner come in to clean an already-clean house. Fortunately, my intuition is good and leads me.



14 years ago I uncovered a hidden trauma from my childhood. Unable to cope with the emotions I began to numb myself with wine. I was excited to receive my Structured Water Device so I could start structuring my wine and neutralizing the toxins.

Two years later, I’ve transformed my emotions, lost so much weight that I can wear shorts I last wore in high school and I’m no longer interested in alcohol. It’s not that I chose to stop drinking red wine as much as I just started drinking water and that became more interesting to me. I can’t say enough how much my life has transformed because of Structured Water.


The nose has glands on the skin on either side of it that produce such a fine oil that maven pipe smokers sometimes rub their pipes on it to obtain a special luster. However without dedicated cleansing, the pores in this area can become enlarged and even clogged. This can lead to an area of mini blackheads.

I noticed most of my 82 years of life that if I scraped a fingernail along this area it collected some substance from the clogged pores. Since showering in Structured Water for even a few months I notice the skin next to my nose is as clear and smooth and radiant as the rest of my face and body. Immersion in Structured Water inside and out for only one year has totally transformed my life and health.

Shira Nahari


Last fall, 2013, my hair began to get darker.  It was nearly all white and I could barely believe what I was seeing.  My hairdresser was astonished.  She says that in a lifetime of cutting hair, she has never seen anything like this.  Now the only white part on the very top where the crown chakra is, while the rest is so much darker that the contrast is dramatic.  I have a whole house unit, so I get to bathe in as well as drink the structured water now for over a year.

Love and Light,



I recently experienced an unexpected surprise. I’ve been near-sighted since the third grade. My eyes have gotten worse over the years. Even as a teenager, my glasses were really thick. After turning 40ish, I needed bifocals as well.  My eyesight has never improved.

I recently went for an eye exam because I could tell my lenses weren’t right any more — that my vision had changed. I felt like my eye sight was actually getting better and I was right!! My eyesight improved quite a bit! I did need new glasses and contacts! I have been asking around and I don’t know of anyone who has worn glasses all their life and had their vision improve. Do you? I do eat more healthy now than I used to, but I don’t doubt that the water had a lot to do with it as well.  Also, my mother’s hair is turning from gray to brown!



Hallelujah! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about Structured Water and your special structured water systems! This will end a 10+ year search for the “perfect” water purifying system.

Love & Light to you and yours,

Gina McKenzie & Robert Yorga

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